5th Quarter Boys Tournament

Schedules are now Posted for 5th Quarter Tournament

Click Here for Schedule & Results


(1)  Players need to be 5th Quarter players.  Any player who is in your top 6 on your regular team cannot play in this tournament.
***If you have enough players,  you should not bring any player who plays consistently in your regular games.
    Coaches, You are on the HONOR system in regards to this Rule as I have no Idea who your regular team players are!!

(2)  We will play two 15 Minute Halves with a Running Clock. (Will stop last minute of each half)

(3)  Each Coach will be given 4 Time Outs.

(4)  Pressing only allowed the Last 5 minutes of the Second Half only.

(5)  Overtimes:  First one will be 2 Minutes; Second one will be 1 Minute; Third one will be First Team to score Wins (2 minute time Limit)
***If neither team scores within 2 minutes in 3rd Overtime we will have a Free Throw Contest with 3 players from each team.

(6)  ONLY Top 4 Teams of Pool A and Pool B advance to the Single Elimination Tournament on Sunday, January 21st.

(7)  Coaches are to Show Sportsmanship at all times and not yell at our Referees.  Please be a good example for your players and parents!!

Gate:    Adults:  $ 5     Senior Citizens:  $ 3 (60 & Older)    Students:  FREE
***Please let your parents know this fee.