“Marissa Miller” Showcase

WVSSAC Sanctioned Games in the Honor & Memory of Marissa Miller!

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Marissa E. Miller (MEM)

In October of 2009 when we opened our doors, Marissa at 8 years old was one of the first to walk through.  She loved sports and Dreamed of playing in college.  She would make the trip from Vienna every day that she could convince her Mom or Dad to drive her here.  Upon arriving at the “E” her smile and energy would light up the building. Even though she always had fun, she came here to work and get better at her two favorite sports, Basketball and Soccer.  Through her Hard work and Dedication, she “E”xcelled in both.  Her Motto was “Be Kind. Work Hard. Have Fun.”

On September 5, 2013 at 12 years old, while practicing soccer, she collapsed and went to be with the Lord.  We miss Marissa, but know that we will see her again when it is our time to join her.  We honor her MEMory as she Inspires us “E”veryday.  Her Spirit, Enthusiasm and Energy are with us as we walk up to the facility (tree and bench dedicated to her) and when we open the doors to the gym, her Court and Words of Wisdom remind us of the young girl who “E”xemplified the Reason the “E” exists.